To prospective and new families of Special Beginnings:

I am Jessica a longtime supporter of Special Beginnings Early Learning Center.  My children, Sydney, Sierra and Aiden are all alumni and one is a current participant of the programs available at Special Beginnings.  I want you to know as a parent that there has been no other program that will partner with you like Special Beginnings. As your children join you will connect with other parents and families through your interactions however on the flip side if you prefer to stay more private they are incredibly discreet.  Their programs are top-notch and what sets this program apart from others is their love of God and their incredible communication. They will stand alongside you as you raise your children and will always be there whether it’s a rough day or an awesome day they will be your child’s biggest cheerleader! Collectively, it’s all in the way they handle the most delicate situations. It’s done with the best of intentions & grace.

Your family will feel loved and as an awesome parent that you are you will want to support their efforts as they partner with you.  So, jump in and enjoy the ride. Your child will enjoy I promise and you will look back and think it was one of the best decisions you ever made by coming here. As your child nears their preschool graduation you will think that the time at Special Beginnings has gone way too quickly and you will be eager to sign them up for summer care programs because they are your trusted provider!