Programs overview

At Special Beginnings, we understand the significance of choosing an early care and education program for your child. One of our core values is to prepare children for their future. Children leave us with memories of family, loving staff, and good friends. In addition, they develop the self-confidence to navigate the road ahead. Our relationships with SB families are strong and last for years after the children grow and move on. We take great pride that SB parents continuously tell us how we played an integral part in the lives of their children when they were young. It is an honor to hear about SB children who have gone on to excel in school; receiving master degrees and PHDs, travel the world, and succeed in their chosen careers. In addition, several of our staff members have grown up at Special Beginnings and not only chosen Special Beginnings as a career but also as the place to have their own children attend. Our top priority each day is that every one of our SB Parents continues to believe that they made the best decision in choosing Special Beginning for their child.

Each age group in our care follows best practice standards for safety & security, early education, developmentally appropriate activities, Christian values & faith focus, as well as family engagement including Parent/Teacher conferences, family events, and in-classroom opportunities for involvement.