Discover the benefits of Infant care

  1. Special Beginnings Early Learning Center will provide a quality care program within a safe, loving, and Christian environment
  2. The staff will pursue the goal of nurturing individual children while helping them build confidence and have strong sense of self
  3. The children will learn about others and the world around them while beginning to understand that what they say and do affects other people and things.  We will provide children with a balance of play, socialization, and pre-academics to explore and learn skills through art, music, language, science, cooking, dramatic play, Bible stories and independent play activities
  4. We will talk with children and listen to them about their ideas using language that they can understand
  5. We believe that parents are our partners in early education and we will work with them each day to build a strong relationship based on open communication, professionalism, and mutual respect
  6. We believe that providing this type of environment, we will give young children the foundation to be successful in all areas of their life in future years