On a child’s first day of attendance, the following items must be in his personal file or the child will not be allowed to begin the program, as the center will not be in compliance with the Kansas Department of Health & Environment


Family Information form

  • Up-to-date information on parent/guardian
  • At least two emergency contact persons who are willing to pick the child up in case of emergency


Family Information form

  • must be notarized


Official Kansas Department of Health & Environment Health Assessment

  • Parent/guardian signature
  • Physician signature
  • Immunizations up-to-date (if not up-to-date, an explanation from physician is required)


Statement of Medical Clearance

  • Physician signature

Any legal documents regarding the custody of a child or any court protective orders that effect who may enter the center


Non-prescription Medication Release

  • Parent/guardian initialed and signature


Child Release form

  • At least one person other than parent/guardian in writing that can pick child up from center in case of emergency


Developmental History of Child


Separation, Divorce or Single-custody situations

  • legal documents stating custody schedules and authorized persons for child release must be in child’s file at all times


Parents As Partners Agreement

  • Must be signed by both parents


Payment agreement

  • Must be signed


Tuition Express auto-pay enrollment form

  • must be completed and signed


As part of the Parents-as-Partners agreement, children’s files and information must be kept current and in compliance with the Kansas Department of Health & Environment. Any change in personal information such as address changes, phone number changes, immunization updates must be turned in to the office on or before the date that the changes occur.

Other paperwork that involve additional fees

  • Onsite Presenters (Toddler I through Pre-Kindergarten)
  • Fieldtrip fees (Preschool, Kindergarten, and School Age)
  • Extracurricular programs such as Stretch & Grow, Julie’s Music, Computertots, etc. Programs brought into the center that are optional for children to participate in-age requirement vary per program
  • Staff Birthday and Christmas Gift Fund Total contributions from the fund are divided for staff gifts from all of the families at the center (amounts based on staff position at the center).