Interested in learning more about enrolling with us? We would love to meet you! Stop in or call for more information. While a waiting list is common in most classrooms, Special Beginnings does enroll year round. We will work with you to accommodate your desired part-time or full-time schedule for Infants-Afterschool Care.

We would appreciate the opportunity to take you on a tour and show you our classrooms, answer your questions and provide you with a handbook and information about our program.

We will discuss our annual registration fee and deposit information in person, or call for more information.

1 Space Available Enrollment

  • If space is available within two weeks, an annual registration fee of $100.00 per child as well as the child’s first two week’s tuition per child (based on the fee for their class) must be paid. Consequently, tuition would not be due the first two weeks of the child’s attendance at the center as it has already been paid.

2 Guaranteed Deposit Enrollment

  • If space is not available within two weeks a child’s space may be guaranteed available by a certain date by paying a Guaranteed Deposit. A Guaranteed Deposit is based on a projected date that the center can guarantee a space available on or before that stated date. The amount of the Guaranteed Deposit is $100.00 per child and the first two week’s tuition (based on the fee for their class) per child must be paid. Consequently, tuition would not be due the first two weeks of the child’s attendance at the center as it has already been paid with the deposit.
  • If a child needs care prior to the date stated in the Guaranteed Deposit and a space does become available, families will be contacted based on the order of the dates the deposits were signed and paid. If a family is contacted with an earlier date they will be given two business days to accept the space available. After the date is accepted, approximately two weeks will be given before attendance at the center must begin. If a family declines an earlier start date, the original guaranteed start date would still be reserved.
  • Special Beginnings does reserve the right to increase childcare rates at any time not to exceed the maximum amount stated on the family’s Guaranteed Deposit (if attendance will not begin within two weeks of enrolling)

Regarding both methods of enrollment

  1. All enrollment fees are based on the start day stated on the original enrollment forms and are non-refundable and non-transferable. If the date stated on the Guaranteed Deposit needs to be changed by a family, a new Guaranteed Deposit must be paid.
  2. If a family who has paid enrollment fees of any kind decides against using Special Beginnings for their childcare needs they must forfeit their fees and/or deposit.
  3. Special Beginnings requires a written 30-day notice with full payment for all those 30 days for all families who wish to stop attending the center. This notice and fees does apply to families who have not yet started attending the center and change their minds about utilizing the services of the center. For example: If a family has paid a deposit of any kind and is scheduled to begin attending the center on March 1st but decides against attending Special Beginnings they must a) forfeit all of their deposit and registration fees or b) begin attending on March 1 and put in their written 30-day notice on March 1st to avoid forfeiting their two weeks of tuition. A 30-day notice will not be accepted until the child actually begins attending the center. *Please note, due to compliance with KS Department of Children and Families (DCF), families receiving assistance must only provide a 2 week written notice to withdraw.